Benefit many advantages as a Bars of the Future member

American Nightlife Association has just launched a new program, called Bars of the Future. Our main goal is to improve the nightlife industry and increase bars' profit margin. We know your profit has been decreasing during the last decade. Many bars suffer increasing costs, the decrease in traffic, regulations, unqualified personnel, automatization, and related issues.
It's time to change certain things in the industry and get people back to the bars.
We are launching our program after listening to hundreds of bars around the country. Our program consists of implementing different innovative products, services, and solutions in your business to increase your traffic, decrease your operating costs and improve your customer satisfaction. We partnered with many innovative startups to make it possible.
Our committee will be the real voice of the industry.
Now, we want you to be a part of that amazing program. As a non-profit association, we have decided to dedicate the initiative to the bars. We are selecting only 10 bars to form our committee in California. Each bar should qualify to be a committee member and be represented by its owner or manager.


20% of revenue generated by all implemented solutions statewide
Free membership to ANA
Implementation of income generating solutions
Implementation of cost saving solutions
Free training and insurance policy
Laboratory Program Certificate
Nomination for the most innovative bars in the Nation
Advertising through ANA network
Opportunity to become an early investor in our fund

Selecting innovative products
Selecting innovative solutions for ANA members
Selecting main suppliers and rating them
Contributing to the group purchasing platform
Determining revenue streams for the committee
Contributing to contracts with brands
Jury for the best bars, suppliers, and startup awards
ANA will also provide all qualified members with services like webinars for managers, bartenders, and bar owners, legal support, security training, HR and recruitment support, group purchasing, sponsorship support, accounting for bars and restaurants.
Attending the Bars of the Future program is FREE. Few numbers of bars will be qualified for the committee.
Don't miss the opportunity. Fill a simple form to apply today: