Helping members to boost their sales

ANA will help you grow your business by finding ways to increase sales or by introducing new products or services, expanding your market, increasing your marketing activities, implementing innovations and new technologies or improving customer service.

We take initiative to explore the most innovative product & service providers in the market in order to provide top notch solutions to restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Our main target is to both boost your sales and optimize your costs.

To provide a broader range of products or services for your clients we research the market to see if there is a desire for proposed offering. We also use some of existing clients as a test group in our sample bars which can be considered as our laboratories. Getting feedback from a test group helps us manage some of the risks and learn how the product or service can be improved

Workgroups are comprised of groups of people who meet regularly to solve industry challenges. When problems are identified, workgroup members collaborate to solve the issue and create an end deliverable. In addition to solving challenges, workgroups provide excellent opportunities for interaction between members to help form customer, supplier and partner relationships.

Tech Solutions & Startups serving the industry

We have dedicated ourselves to bring the most challenging tech solutions together with you to solve the specific needs of the industries we serve.

Free Social Media Marketing Tool

If old channels are so ineffective, why can’t we turn consumers into a new channel of communication and change the way bars and alcohol brands interact with them?
With Check_n consumer gets an emotional contact with the bar and brand. Brand and bar become friends that consumer wants to post a picture with them.

Increase your income with Trufl

Trufl’s platform allows guests to walk into a restaurant, without a reservation, and wait less by bidding on the next available table.
Add your name to the waitlist, track your wait time, and make a play to be sat immediately, all from your mobile phone.

Why paying for something you can get cheaper?

Wholesale distribution in its current form puts bars, restaurants and nightclubs in a difficult position. At the wholesale level you must pay for the inventory up front in one way or another.
What this means is that most inventory on the shelves is debt that has to be repaid. Lotstocks offers you a new platform to strengthen your purchasing power more than ever.

Gigwell goes beyond just booking

We provide the world’s leading artists and booking agencies with the tools needed to maximize revenue, time and efficiency. We’ve helped thousands of live entertainers, speakers and booking agents streamline their booking processes, discover new talent buyers, and track ticket sales.
Gigwell is the world’s first end-to-end booking management platform.

Data Discovery, Finding the Needle in a Haystack

The power of XoomDat, the XoomTap Payment Ecosystem is offering merchants with unprecedented cost-saving solutions.
et notified as soon as the events occur. Real-time notifications allow you to stay up to date on changes while on the go—via text messages, emails, desktop alerts, and mobile notifications.

The future of automation

Cedar Robotics is striving to help restaurants improve customer experience and operating efficiency. We provide restaurant owners with the end to end systems that are easy to install and intuitive to use.
Cedar DeliveryBot delivers food from the kitchen to the customer.

Innovation recognized globally

A millennial-based social network rewarding groups for trying new local entertainment. experiences. Citymixr selectively catalogues the best social experiences in each city to join our merchant library.
Citymixr was selected as 1 of 30 Globally for this year’s Techrunch Disrupt Hackathon.

The future of mobile messaging has arrived

MobileStorm thrives on your success in reaching customers. Intelligent interpretation of data-capture to create ROI-targeted events. Scalable event management tools to produce events or one-off lead generation activities.
Responsive, delivery-friendly designs to generate brand awareness and excitement.