Innovative solutions to satisfy your customers

We believe that providing tough, reliable, innovative solutions is the key to satisfy your customers. We analyze your problems and challenges as one element of a greater system, and feedback we are collecting from your customers explain the best how everything should fit together.

We always listen to your guests to provide optimized solutions that solve the specific needs of the industries we serve. In today’s market restaurants and nightclubs require more and more sophisticated solutions, and only top-notch innovations can provide them with effective and efficient resolutions.

Artificial intelligences with knowledge of cooking techniques, food chemistry, recipes, and alcohol will produce unexpected new culinary and beverage experiences.
An AI with the algorithmic ability to analyze and synthesize inhuman amounts of data and information about foods, beverages, ingredients, chemical compounds, and tastes will result in the creation of recipes, dishes and beverages beyond, and unlike, what humans would produce

Automation and robotics will begin to play a greater role in food preparation and the kitchen line. Automation technologies such as touchscreen ordering kiosks are already spreading in front-of-house restaurant operations. Back-of-house operations will become more fully automated as costs fall and flexible, re programmable robot systems grow more sophisticated. This will allow automation of more of the repetitive elements of food preparation and even permit motion-capture replication of the movements of chefs. Chefs will work in collaboration with these systems, using their physical senses and expert judgment.

Accelerating trends in technology and consumer demand will lead to more “cloud kitchens” AND “virtual restaurants” – restaurants that exist only online or via an app. Growth will be fueled by the expansion of central kitchens for food prep, and social media marketing that showcases menus, philosophies and chefs. New chains could quickly emerge regionally or nationally.

Operators are investing in tech and always need to adapt 
With 78% of operators considering off-premises programs a strategic priority, brands are investing big in technology, but are struggling to keep up with changing consumer expectations.
  • 74% of companies are investing in off-premises programs but none of the top 5 investments include customer-facing technology.
  • 43% of delivery users place orders via apps while only 18% of operators offer mobile ordering via their own app.
  • 66% of operators offer delivery through a third-party service and 55% offer delivery through internal staff.

Off-Premises orders now make up the majority of sales

Approximately 60% of occasions are now off-premises across all forms, including drive-thru, takeout, and delivery. Customers are most receptive to consumer-facing technologies such as drive-thru enhancements, order accuracy tracking, and frictionless mobile ordering.
  • 92% of consumers use drive-thru at least once a month.
  • 34% of consumers utilize delivery more often than a year ago.
  • 79% of consumers use restaurant delivery (53% use third-party) at least once a month.
  • 35% agree that it is easier to customize their order on a venue’s own site or app
  • 35% say that ordering on a thirdparty site/app is faster than the alternatives
  • 33% say that many of the restaurants they order from do not have their own ordering sites
New technology is critical to grow off-premises sales
Consumer receptiveness to enhanced technology extends both inside and outside the operation, and technology is becoming more commonplace.
  • 22% of consumers used kiosk ordering last year and 11% used voice assistant ordering.
  • If available, 69% of consumers would use vehicles with built-in heating trays to keep food warm and 41% would use autonomous delivery.

Percent of operators who offer the following technology say it has a large positive impact on their business

  • 50% Location intelligence tech to target new customers based on their position
  • 45% Geofencing tech to notify the venue when an app user is nearby or in a store to create a more seamless customer experience
  • 44% Voice ordering through a virtual assistant


Source: NRA, Technomic