Implementing innovations in the industry

LA fund is an incubator focusing on innovative startups. Our goal is to help you improve your core business and generate revenue. ANA is the perfect sales hub for all our startup partners to introduce their innovative products and/or solutions to an amazing audience arising from more than 30,000 bar & restaurant members.

More Than Money…

Since 1989 we’ve been dealing with various challenges that nightclub & bar owners are facing every day. We know how to help you build the right business model and provide the most efficient service for the industry. Getting into our acceleration program will give you full support of American Nightlife Association which would open many doors for your startup. Our philosophy is to bring together top-notch innovation and technology solutions, products and services with bars, restaurants, and clubs. Any idea that can improve our industry is worth our time.

To apply to LAF, you just fill out the below application form. We invite the most promising groups to meet us in person, and we make funding decisions immediately afterward.

Please elaborate on the market for the product
What is your growth and user acquisition strategy?
Metrics about product usage
Please consider the following to answer the questions: i.e Where do you see innovation going in the 3-5 years? What is the biggest challenge in technology today. How will this startup / idea affect the current market?
Please tell us in one or two sentences about something impressive that each founder has built or achieved.
If they can attend, do they have any additional commitments (work, school) outside your startup right now or planned in the future?
Are any of the founders covered by non-compotes or intellectual property agreements that overlap with your startup?