Let’s Make a Difference Together

Whether you have 5 minutes or more time to spare we’ve got a way for you to make a mark in this world. Our strength lies in collective action. With our Nightlife members and supporters, we help individuals and venues establish safety and security standards.


We are the Nighttime Economy Stakeholders

Dining – Restaurants, Cafes | Drinking – Taverns, Bars, Pubs | Dancing – Nightclubs, Celebrations | Entertainment – Music, Performance | Events – Conventions, Festivals | Suppliers – Food, Drink, Equipment | Transportation – Taxis, TNC’s | Patrons – Residents, Visitors, Night Workers | Media – Reviewers, Bloggers

We follow industry standards to self-police and self-regulate by becoming proactive liaisons with regulatory and enforcement agencies, elected officials, and civic and community leaders.

Bars & Nightclubs Memberships

Covers all personnel in the company and includes unlimited participation in workgroups.


Venue Staff Membership

Covers all personnel in the industry and includes unlimited participation in workgroups (not vendors or consultants).


Student Membership

Full-time students enrolled in accredited hospitality or technology programs. Applicant must provide a valid email address from their educational institution (.edu)


Faculty Membership

Full-time faculty at accredited universities with hospitality or technology programs.


Consultant Membership

Individual independent consultants who do not sell, distribute, or represent any technology products or services may be eligible.


Corporate Hospitality Memberships

Covers all personnel in the company and includes unlimited participation in workgroups.


Benefactor Hospitality Memberships

Covers all personnel in the company and includes unlimited participation in workgroups.


Industry Partner Memberships

Covers all personnel in the company and includes unlimited participation in workgroups.


Diamond Partner Membership

Diamond is an exclusive opportunity for Platinum members to arrange a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

This program is available to Platinum members only; however, silver and gold industry partner members are eligible and encouraged to upgrade their memberships to participate in this program!

Two different meetings are available as part of this program:

  • Teleconference 
    • 45-minute teleconference
    • Price: $15,000
  • Face-to-face Meeting
    • 60-minute meeting
    • Price: $25,000

The ANA Board of Directors consists of senior executives from hospitality companies around the world, representing world-leading venues. Presenting to the Board provides an outstanding opportunity to companies new to the industry, companies with a new solution or companies interested in brainstorming new approaches.

There are a maximum of four (4) spots available for selection in 2020 (combination of face-to-face and teleconference). ANA will secure spots on a first come, first served basis.

ANNUAL DUES $15,000-$25,000

Association Membership

ANA actively works with other trade and professional associations, standards bodies, and industry groups to foster the development of innovative technologies. This does not imply endorsement of the organization, but rather a commitment to work together in common areas of interest, and to avoid duplication of effort wherever possible.


All Checks must be written out to American Nightlife Association or Nightlife Foundation inc.


Start a Local Chapter of the Nightlife/Hospitality Association

Local Non-Profit 501(c)3 / 501(c)6 – Strong United Collaborative Voice.

Information Exchange – Open communication resources.

Peer-To-Peer Support – Self-police and self-regulate compliance

Legislative Watchdog & Liaison – Address legislative proposals.


ANA partner organizations get access to…

Insurance Programs: Health, life, business, disability, workers comp

Certification Training: Security, Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service

Educational Resources: Best practice manuals and templates

Consultation Services: 1-on-1 consultations. Government liaison.

Discount Healthcare

Music Licensing Discounts: BMI, ASCAP and SESAC


Define your road map

Define best practices with agencies

Coordinate education and training of staff

Use social media to communicate

Participate in fundraisers

Attend meetings by neighborhood groups

Maintain website with news and priorities

Invite elected officials on night tour


Analyze the industry

What are the priorities for the industry?

What are the priorities for government agencies?

What are the priorities for the community?


Know your industry

Our industry is under constant threat. From being soft targets for terrorism and increasing violence, blaming patron drug abuse on venues/ promoters, banning or placing moratoriums on EDM-related events, new housing built close to existing venues without soundproofing, strict licensing laws, costly operating requirements – have all played a role in eroding our nightlife options.

Join our growing membership of influencers at the legislative, local improvement, and development levels that will share solutions to becoming a successful asset in your city. Network with seasoned industry professionals, who will examine research, provide insights, industry training, important licensing information and regulatory changes.

Our vision is to create a safe and vibrant nightlife community. By educating and training owners, managers, servers, bartenders, entertainers and security guards on quality of service standards; we can make our jobs easier to lower liability, risk, and calls for police service.

Hospitality owners working in collaboration with neighbors, key stakeholders, community partners and city officials can create a safe, sustainable, and thriving nightlife economy.

Here are 9 ways you can make a difference:

Take action right now! Sign a petition on one of the many human life issues facing our communities around the world.

Attend an event. Events are a great way to get to educate yourself and others about human rights and meet other like minded people in your community who want to take action together.

Become a member. We are a movement of people. Each time a new person joins, Nightlife’s life shines brighter on the injustices occurring at different places around the world. Join today.

Donate. Your gift helps keep our movement free from corporate influence and independent from government agendas. Donate now!

Volunteer. Our network of volunteers have the chance to try almost anything—from phone banking, writing letters and organizing a group to responding to a crisis, leading a lobby effort or carrying out our campaigns—we invite you to explore the diverse volunteer opportunities available to you around the country.

Join a Group. Together, the members of our groups take action, reach out to new communities and educate the public about how they can make human rights a reality for all.

Follow a Campaign. Are you passionate about a certain issue? Join a network of activists around the country who are using campaigns to teach communities about nightlife districts, ending poverty and more.

Write for Rights. Join people in one of the largest events on behalf of partiers, foodies, connoisseurs, aficionados and others whose rights are being violated by their governments or corporations.

Partner with us. Through collaborations, partnerships and collective action, we can improve the state of human rights here and abroad. If you represent a university, association or agency, explore the ways you can support Nightlife International.