Nightlife Industry Overview

U.S. Bar & Nightclub Industry
Wine bars
Establishments with limited food service
Industry Activities
$783bn: Industry Gross Product, Food & Drink sales
$38.6bn Food & Drink sales of Non Alcoholic Beverages
$19.9bn Food and Drinks sales inside bars and taverns
$26bn: Industry Revenue
2.1%: Industry sales increase in nominal terms.
0.3%: Industry sales increase in real (inflation-adjusted) terms.
65.8k: U.S. Establishments
20.5m Number of people who went to bars or nightclubs in casinos
7m people bought wine in nightclubs & bars
$20 Average Admissions to special events and nightclubs, including cover charges
3% Percentage of U.S. respondents who redeem coupons at restaurants, coffee shops, bars, etc. daily
TBD Economic Impact (accommodation, cigarettes, rentals and packaged liquor)
Industry Product Sales
35% Sales share of beer and ale
35% Sales share of distilled spirit drinks
10% Sales share of wine
15% Food and nonalcoholic beverages
200m Beer barrels sold
7m People who bought beer
7m People who bought wine
$4.82bn Total wages
$64.08 Revenue per employee
14m Hospitality Industry Employees
405k Nightclub Employees
590k Bartenders (including at Restaurants)
3m Hospitality Service Employees
5.52 Average number of employees per establishment
Source: Statista, First Research,

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