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We all know that events are the best way to establish personal connections with not only your target audience but also your potential partners, sponsors, etc.

Events are an effective way for your business to build trust and form an emotional connection which is also verified by several researches and surveys:

Increase Guest Satisfaction: 61% of adults would rather spend money on an experience than items. (Source: National Restaurant Associate 2017 State of the Industry).

Drive Spending: 57% of millenials will pay more for exclusive events (Source: Accenture 2017 Loyalty Study).

Inspire Loyalty: 47% of millenials are more loyal if you provide unique experiences (Source: Accenture 2017 Loyalty Study).

Boost Crowd Size: Give people a “reason” to come in on days when they otherwise wouldn’t. Events create urgency also because they have a specific start and end time.

Club and restaurant owners often host special events with the intention of attracting new clients and increasing revenues. However, any event takes a concerted team effort to handle all of the details. You should set a date, brand your event, create a master plan, identify and establish partnerships & sponsor, create a publicity plan and establish a budget.

Besides successful bar promotion depends on creating a unique identity for your bar, attracting new and repeat customers and keeping a buzz going so people don’t lose interest.

ANA is ready to support you for your event ideas, finding sponsorship and related partners, booking DJs etc…

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