Booming Sales & Improving Marketing

The common question every bar owner asks: How can I boost my sales? The answer is you have to start with being innovative and open minded. Increasing your traffic and sales is not about luck or magic. You should focus on implementing new products, services and technologies, improving your purchasing power, adopting up selling strategies, building smart promotions, optimizing your operation and obtaining necessary tools for an efficient marketing.

ANA dedicated itself to introduce you top notch innovative products and services which will allow you to differentiate your bar, increase your sales and promote your events. You will also benefit the best purchasing rates (lower than the wholesale prices) from our partners and process the purchase without any intermediary.

Increasing competition, ever-changing regulations and shifting trends you should promote your bar effectively to gain and keep valuable customers. ANA may provide you with amazing promotion solutions and related partners like XoomDot.

Who wouldn’t like to enjoy a product like Morning Recovery that you could offer your customers before they leave your bar.

Speed is the key to the business environment of a bar. The speed of taking orders, preparing drinks, handling the checks and even managing the inventory.

ANA is now bringing you a real-time inventory management tool as a part of its group purchasing platform developed by LOTSTOCKS. Moreover, we are also introducing you a new payment platform developed by PAYTOMAT which will generate more traffic for your business.

Paytomat is a payment processing platform that will allow you to start accepting cryptocurrencies using your current equipment.

Please visit ANA product portfolio specifically chosen for you to boost your sales, optimize your costs and promote your business. We would like to hear more from you to improve our product portfolio and choose our product and service providers.